Day 7: Another Challenge To Overcome

I must say, I’m a little frustrated today. I’ve been working on the code to spawn the speedup and shield powerup in the new “switch” and “case” method with the powerID’s, but for some reason I keep having an error that keeps them from spawning out. I keep going over the logic statements and I’m not able to figure out what is exactly wrong.

So I’ll probably, which I really don’t want to do, end up recoding the spawnManager from scratch…

Actually, and I should have thought of this earlier. I’m going to go through the C# Survival guide and look at the switch statement and challenges section to help me get a better grasp of understanding what I did wrong. Hopefully after going over that and then reevaluating my coding (whether I left out “;”, or bracket, or maybe I worded my logic in an incorrect way). Whatever the case may be, I will definitely get through this, and make sure that I learn from whatever it was that I did wrong. It’s like Joanne said, we learn from making mistakes and that’s how we grow in our coding. I’ve learned so much thus far, and my aim is to keep growing in my new endeavor of becoming a game software engineer.

As they say in Korean Manhua “FIGHTING”!

Learning a new skill to be able to become a gaming software developer.