Day 18: Starting Phase 1 Challenges

Today, as I was working on the first couple of challenges of implementing thrusters activating on holding the shift key and putting a shield life indicator up on the UI manager (then getting that to work with the shield function on the “Player”), I realized that my previous day's issue of the lasers shooting after the enemy had died came back…So I’m going to have to revisit that, as I don’t want to have any bugs in my game (Perhaps I will work on it tomorrow during Christmas…It’ll at least give me something to do).

Putting up the thrusters was not a problem thankfully. Getting it to function with the movement calculation in my player script was pretty straight forward. The only mistake I made was that at first, I had put keycodedown (to press the key), instead of keycode (where it is a hold function). Though now that I think about it I could have made it so that I pressed it once and it gave a short boost of let's say 3 seconds of speed. That would also be a solution.

But I did run into problems with the shield life indicator. Getting the sprites up on the UI was not the issue, but making it function or communicate with the shield itself on the player script is. I think I’m overthinking it again, and need to take a step back because the coding that I’m using is not working. I will wake up early tomorrow to work this out as well as try to get through most of Phase 1. Really want to finish this before the end of the weekend.

Overall though, the game is looking good and plays well.



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