Day 14: Starting To See Results

Nothing spectacular of course, but I am beginning to see the results of doing my best to understand all the challenges that have been given thus far.

Today I finally finished getting the effects up, though I did have was issue with my save. To which I’ll just shortly say that I did not save my project correctly. The result being when I closed Unity today to backup my files, I ended up losing all my work with my animations and had to re-do all the work I had put in to adjust the explosions of the enemies, thruster, the player damage sprites, as well as the asteroid exploding.

Despite my setback, I found myself to be quite comfortable with implementing the right logic sequences for my game to play the way I wanted it to play. So I truly believe that all of this work so far is making a difference in helping me to become a game software developer. Of course I have much further to go, as there are a ton of things that I still need to learn. But I am comfortable now being able to instantiate gameObjects, setting starting positions, creating movement (whether automatic or by key input), putting up animations to sprites, adding components, and now making sure I save correctly…lol.

So here is my first video of what I’ve been working on. It’s my first time uploading a video in years.

I’ll be going through post-production next (I downloaded it into the project packages), and then after that on to audio.



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